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Хинду Астрология в Зальцбурге

www.austriaviennapuja.com и Пуджа службы в Вене (Австрия) was founded by Austrian Sahadev Pandit in 2014 как не сайт прибыли . Как ребенок, все, что Sahadev Пандит мог мечтать, был стать священником. Это привело его присоединиться к местному храму Панча Таттва в Словении 1999. Having met his guru Pujapad Bhakti Vaibhav Puri Goswami Maharaj (Одисси) and received instruction under the tutelage of Pujapada Nischalananda Saraswati Shankaracharya (Одисси), Sahadev Пандит изучал мантр из Риг и Яджур Ведах, астрология, лечебные методы, предусматривающих использование трав, and the know-how of performing Pujas/Homams. His devotion bore fruit when he established Austria Vienna Puja site in 2014 для удовлетворения религиозных потребностей индусской общины в Австрии. Он считается лучшим Индуистский священник в Австрии. С более 17 летний опыт работы на его счету, Sahadev Пандит путешествовал на международном уровне для выполнения пуджи, религиозные обряды, свадьбы, homams and has also been a part of grand functions.

One of the most beautiful places what he visited was a Mantralayam where he received special blessings from Madhva Sapradaya Shri Raghavendra Swami (Mantralayam).At present he lives in Vienna where he is planning to open Shiva Temple with the blessing of his Gurudev Pujapada Nischalananda Saraswati Shankaracharya.His vast experience of more then 17 лет с различными клиентами в своей работе в качестве пуджари(священник) и астролог делает его весьма компетентное лицо или орудием в руках Бога, чтобы помочь человечеству.

Несколько строк о сайте: This is spiritual site (non profit) all services are performed in a good faith and for the satisfaction of the Supreme Lord and not for the money .Whatever service might be that you need it requires priest,знание,энергия ,time,усилие ,Предметы ,дополнительный материал ,travel expenses ,accommodation expenses . Consequently to that there will be charging for materials,accommodation,travel expenses , priest charges such as Brahmin Dakshina .We are not providing Wedding Halls or Puja Halls .For Wedding Hall or Puja Hall requests please contact the local Austrian Hindu temple in TraiskirchenRadha Govinda Mandir”.

This site is meant to educate and en-light the people to follow the path of spirituality and righteousness. This is not a business making web site. As you may see we are not selling any products.You will also not find any advertisements on our site. Услуги, которые мы предоставляем это суть индуистской религии . We provide guidance and inspiration for all who are interested in self realization. Nowadays people don t have the appreciation or understanding for Vedic Hindu Ceremonies .In olden days people used to be generous towards priests so priests was very inspired to perform all the ceremonies free of costs .Also priests was independent, no any priest worked in company or in hospital because they were protected from the king and they had their own land and resources of course thanks to king and his protection that was functioning nicely. Now nobody cares for the priests in fact people make fun of them and accuse them for asking the money for Pujas .When somebody needs a Puja or wedding then they call priest and the first question they will ask is how much is costing ?Just like in supermarket.Since we live in the age where everything is valued by the money including persons such a question is completely normal to expect in this context and in this age .In this age priests are forced to work in the companies to maintain themselves instead of living fully to the spiritual level .Unfortunately that are undeniable facts.Everyone want to fill up the pocket but nobody thinks about the God. Nowadays people tend to demand ceremonies with blessings below the price of Alu Subji .That is how much priest services are estimated to be worth of.People having Restaurants and Companies are trying to bargain for 20 Евро под тем предлогом, что они очень бедны. Purusha Sukta says : brahmanosya mukhamasit с его лица (или во рту) пришел brahmanas.So Вишну ест через брахманов и принимают через брахманов. Between two leg beings brahmins are the best.Here we are talking about genuine brahmins who are practicing and living pious and good life.Ceremonies and Priest are meant to improve the purity in the heart of the people and not the fill up the pockets.