Why Us?

hindu priest in italy

Our Puja is more than a profession.We aim to offer  sincere and quality service.Our Standard Puja/Homa would contain  108 Namavali japa ,108 Mula mantra recital and Homa performed with 1/10 of the Japa number , 108 Mulamantra recital during homam.Puja ends with Purnahuti ,Shanti Mantras and Mantra Pushpam.When compared with others  we are affordable with high quality work.You get what you pay for. Live Video of Puja or Homam comes for free .Our Pujas/Homas will be selected according to the object which is to be achieved with the help of Vedic Astrology.We provide our services with devotion and 100% according to Vedic scriptures. We helped hundreds troubled people & families by providing best solutions for their success, happiness and progressive life. We are providing you online services at anywhere & anytime with ease. Our services will provide you only best results with no side effects or ill consequences. We have large fraction of satisfied and beneficiary clients in Europe and are very happy with all our services. We believe in offering best possible solutions to the troubled people. Our main purpose to provide Puja and Homa is to make others life improved and blessed.If you are suffering from any problem in life or you want Hindu Pandit in Portugal or Hindu Wedding  in Portugal , Homa, marriage occasion etc then you can write us. You can contact us via email or cell phone anytime. We are ready to move anywhere and anytime. Feel free to ask any query, we are here to help you with best possible solutions.  Sahadev  Pandit  can perform any Vedic Program(Puja,Homa,Karma Kanda,Temple program ,Samskara etc) per your requirement. Purpose of doing Puja/Homa is to get a blessing so that our lives can improve .Puja/Homa can make wonders if there is faith and sincerity in the heart of a yajamana(for one to whom is performed).There is a wrong notion existing among many Hindus, that Pujas are to be performed only by certain ‘qualified’ persons, which is why they have now become a commercial affair. Shastras do not subscribe to this wrong belief. The capacity to know mantras and to recite them correctly, is not sufficient to perform an effective Puja.Only one who has acquired divine power in him and who knows the proper method of carrying out Puja, is qualified to perform this rite, without consideration of his caste, creed or nationality. Even a American,European.Australian who has acquired Divine power and who knows the correct methods of conducting a Puja, is qualified to do so.Nowadays, it is seen that Pujas are performed without even the fundamental ritual of fire-oblations (Homam), causing Pujas to be ineffective. According to the Shastras, each and every Puja should be done only with fire-oblation.In the olden days Purohits or Priests were taken care by the society. The ruler (king) would give them a piece of land, house and the food.They even advised King in worldly affairs (Kripacharya,Vashishta,Vishvamitra etc). They was always protected and supplied with money,land,food as well with cows. Priests was performing various Pujas so they was always getting a generous (Dakshina) for their performed services .They was teaching and helping people and people took nice care of them .