Muhurtha (Auspicious Moment Calculation)


Muhurtha (Auspicious Moment Calculation)

Muhūrtha tells us when to do certain things at the most auspicious moment.We all heard quote in the right place at the right time.So we can help you by choosing the right time no matter if you are opening a new business,taking bank loan,getting married ,buying property.

Muhūrtha tells us for example when to conceive pious and healthy child,when to Enter a new House,when to purchase the new vehicle.Overall it helps one to minimize or modify the evils of our past karma by pointing out on the proper timing for certain tasks and certain activities .It can be a great tool for Wealth and Happiness. Traditionally, it is common practice amongst Hindus to start or avoid starting significant tasks like religious ceremonies, etc. on the basis of the quality of a particular Muhūrtha.

The Vedic scriptures also generally recommend one or more Muhūrthas to perform rituals and practices. The most widely known example of this practice:

Brahma Muhūrtha, approximately one and a half hours before sunrise or more precisely is 1Hr 36 Min. i.e. 96 Minutes = 2 Muhūrtha or 4 Ghaṭīkā, is recommended in all practices of yoga is traditionally considered most apt for meditation. However, it is clear from the associations of the names with specific constellations that the present Brahma-Muhūrtha starts just before 6:00AM during the Vernal Equinox. At present, Jīva-Amṛta and Viṣṇu comprise the two twilight muhūrthas prior to sunrise.

The Muhūrtas are traditionally calculated by assuming sunrise at 06:00 AM on the Vernal Equinox, which is the Vedic New Year. Not all of the constellations cross the zenith, so that it is not in every case clear which constellation presides over the Muhūrta.

While selecting Muhurtha combinations of Tithi ,Nakshatra certain weekdays with Yoga, Karana (auspiciousness) and Vara (weekday) are taken in consideration.