Ati Rudra Yaga


Ati Rudra Yaga

The Greatest Ati Rudra Yaga

Ati Rudra Yaga is the highest form of worship to ‘Lord Shiva’.

Japanga Rudra’ is repeated chanting of Namaka and Camaka. “Archananga Rudra’ is done with offering ‘Bilva” leaves or even “Akshatha (sacred rice) with repeated chanting of Namaka and Camaka. ‘Abhishekanga Rudra’ is done with offering liquids such milk, ghee, water, etc. to the ‘lingam’ with repeated chanting of Namaka and Camaka. ‘Homanga Rudra’ is offering ghee and other materials into the sacred fire while chanting Namaka nad Camaka. Though there are several procedures, the usual and ideal procedure as suggested by Sage Shatapata in his ‘Maharnava Karma Vipaka’ is to offer one tenth of the ‘parayana’ (repeated chanting) into the ‘homa’ (sacred fire); ‘Dasamsa Paddhati’

The Ati Rudra Yaga is performed for a continuously 11 Days :

Ati Rudram involves chanting of 14,641 Namaka and 1,331 Camaka. Along with offering one tenth of the parayana, that is 1,465 chantings, as Homam completes Ati Rudra Maha Yaga.

Specifically, 121 Pandits (individuals well versed with chanting) along with 15 priests (that are well versed in the homam and other rituals) will be chanting Shri Rudram 11 times a day for 11 consecutive days along with performing Abhishekam and Homam. Because of the huge nature of the japa and homa it is known as Ati Rudra Yaga.

By performing Ati Rudra Yaga by ourself or jointly with others or if we hear the chanting of the mantras or witness the same, it will bestow us with all benefits and wipe out all our sins.

Total :137 Pandits

Benefits of Performing Ati Rudra Yaga:
1.All The desires are fulfilled and enemies vanquished.
2.Person gets all the precious metals.
3.Worldly and non-worldly enjoyments.
4.Happiness in this World and happiness in the other World .
5.Spiritual richness and Protection..
6.All material commodities.
7.All imaginable worldly Luxuries.
8.Vast Land,cities,state,kingdom.
10.Next generations will be having wealth ,health and happiness.
11.All the Grains,Fruits,and Water.

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