Ekadasha Rudrabishekam Puja Homa


Ekadasha Rudrabishekam Puja/Homa


The king Bhadrasena of Kashmir requests Sage Parashara to see the future of his son. Sage closes his eyes and after some time he opens and informs the king that his son’s life is only twelve years and now only one week is left for him. Further he advises the king the surrender to Lord Shiva and worship him with Rudra abhisheka and japa.
O king listen, if you search Heaven, Earth and Paathaala, only Satchit Ananda, uma pati and Vyomakesha Lord Shiva can save you and your family. Rudradhyaya is unique, beyond any comparison. This is written in Shivatmaka Panchatatwa. Lord Brahma gave four Vedas for the welfare of mankind and from his south face he gave yajurveda and from which Rudradhyaya came out. Lord Brahma gave this to All Devatas, Munis including Atri, Marichi and the Rishis inturn passed it onto it to their children. No other mantra is greater than this mantra. The powerful mantra burns our sins or papas to ashes on reciting this mantra.
One must perform Abhisheka to Lord Shiva with this mantra. He will be blessed with chaturvidha purushartha( Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha).
A Devotee should partake the holy water of Rudrabhisheka as theertha and one should also take bath with this. All bad karmas will be burnt to ashes.

Once Lord of death (Yama) instructed Kama – Krodha- Lobha- Moha to go to earth and create havoc. For those who come under the grip of Kama, krodha, lobha and moha, it will be very difficult for them to escape. Those who come under the grip of Kama- they will be lustful, steal Guru’s property, become alcoholic. Krodha is considered son of kama, those who are under krodha, they will be always against Dharma. They will not hesitate to kill there own parents. Those who are under Lobha they will steal temple jewels, steal gold and steal money belonging to temple and Gurus. when lord of death sent Kama, krodha, Lobha and Moha to earth to spread their qualities.

When they came to earth they saw people performing Rudrabhisheka and japa.
The Tejo Agni produced by their japa started burning the Yamas attendants and they could no longer go very near the place. Lord of death complained to Lord Brahma that the hell is almost empty as sinners are getting purified by doing Rudra japa. At this rate they will be without any work. Lord Brahma informs Lord of death that those who do japa in standing position, those who do japa in sleeping position they will accumulate sins or get papa and the will go to hell and by mistake also don’t go near people who are doing japa in a proper manner. Those who do Rudra japa and take bath in the holy abhisheka water will not face untimely death. They will cross the ocean of this samsara. In their physical life they will get good health, will not have financial problems, gain knowledge, brave in facing challenges and their faces will be radiating Kanti and Tejas.
Those who do Shata Rudra japa will have long life. Sage Parashara advises king to perform Shata Rudra japa and abhisheka to Lord Shiva and pour holy water on their children so that they will have long life and get rid of all their previous birth’s bad karmas.