Gho Matha Puja


Gho Matha(Cow) Puja/Homa

The most beautiful and sweetest Puja.

Gho Puja: The cow represents a symbol of all Gods unified in one form.

Gho Puja is done to honor the Mother of the Universe.She is the Best and the sweetest.

Bavisya Purana :Uttara Parva,Chapter 69: Five sacred cows which were produced during the churning of the Milk Ocean were Nanda,Subhadra,Surabhi,Susila,Bahula.They appeared just to benefit the people of the entire Universe.The Devatas offered one of these Cows to each of the great Sages Jamadagni,Bharadwaj,Vashishta,Asita,Gautama.All these cows have the ability to fulfill all desires ,thus they are know as Kamadhenu.

Rig Veda :The cow is the mother of the Rudras and the daughter of the Vasus.She is the sister of the Adityas and a source of nectar in the form of Ghee.To all thoughtful men I advise not to kill an innocent cow.

Benefits of Cow Puja Brahma –Vaivarta Puaran 21/91 to 93:

All Devatas live in the body of Cows.The holy places live in the cows legs.Laxmi lives in the cows heart.
Shastra further confirm circumbulating the cow is equal to circumbulating all the Holy Places.
Bathing cows legs is equal to bathing in the all Holy places.
It brings auspicious to those who worship it on Fridays. Also worshiping mother Cow helps in alleviating the sins committed by our ancestors and it wipes out the curses of them on us.
The cow puja removes poverty, gives good health, wealth and prosperity. It is also said that childless get child, one can repay debts and one can overcome all hurdles through Cow Puja.

1. At the base of horns reside Brahma and Vishnu and in the tip is all holy water and Ganga.
2. In the forehead is Lord Shiva and in the middle of forehead is Goddess Uma.
3. The nose is Ganapathy and in the tip resides Muruga.
4. In the heart resides Lord Yama.
5. In the cow dung is the holy river Yamuna.
6. All gods reside at the base of the tail.
7. Goddess Lakshmi resides at the hind part of the cow.
8. The sages reside in the hair of this holy animal.