Hanuman Anjaneya Puja Homa


Hanuman Anjaneya Puja/Homa

Hanuman Anjaneya Puja/Homam: Disperser of all Distress.His form is as vast and huge as a mountain.His complexion is yellow and glowing like molten gold.His face is red as the brightest ruby while his enormous tail spreads out to interminable lengths.His roar is as deafening the thunder of the clouds.

Hanuman is worshiped among Shiva bhaktas and Vishnu bhaktas every village in India has at least one Hanuman Temple.Ram said”There is no such a bhakta like Hanuman nor in the past nor in the future”.
Hanuman is bhakta who transfers impossible into possible.

Hanuman is without any ego. Hanu means to kill and man means ego. Therefore, a man who has killed his ego is known as Hanuman. The character of Hanuman teaches us of the unlimited power that lies unused within each one of us. Hanuman directed all his energies towards the worship of Lord Rama, and his undying devotion made him such that he became free from all physical fatigue. And Hanuman’s only desire was to go on serving Rama. Hanuman perfectly exemplifies ‘Dasyabhava’ devotion — one of the nine types of devotions — that bonds the master and the servant. Hanuman is known to be the incarnation of Lord Shiva. Who helped Rama to vanquish Demon Ravan. Hanuman was born on the full moon day (Purnima) of the month Chaitra on Tuesday and Tuesday is considered very auspicious day to worship Hanuman.

No any Puja of Shri Ram will be successful without first worshiping Hanuman.Hanuman Puja is really beneficial for all those who want to attain strength, wisdom and knowledge.This is excellent Puja for any major obstacle ,debt issue,issue with Mangal Dosha,issues with authorities,getting a favor from government,protection and spiritual guidance .

Benefits of Hanuman Puja :

1.The worship of Shri Hanuman ,cures all illness.
2.It is beneficial for Protection from Evils, Enemies and black magic.
3.Puja for Lord Hanuman pacify the negative influence of planet Shani Dev (Saturn).
4.Hanuman Puja makes impossible tasks possible.
5.Hanuman Puja transforms failure into success.
6.Hanuman Puja gives victory in any Battle.
7.Hanuman Puja gives victories in legal disputes.