Hindu Pandit in Bratislava

Havan or Homam we manage all.  Hindu Rituals or ceremonies  of any kind such as Shiva Homam,Narayan Homam,Ganapathi Homam,Durga Devi Homam,Laxmi Homam,Mangal Homam .Where ever you need Hindu rituals to be done we can manage it :if you need  Hindu Pandit in  Austria  if you need Hindu Pandit in Italy, if you need Hindu Priest in Italy if you need  Hindu Pandit in France if you need  Hindu Pandit in Spain we can travel anywhere anyplace anytime.

Homa comes from Sanskrit word . The words homa/homam  are interchangeable with the word Yajna & Agnihotra. In a Homa, a priest invokes the presence of the Deity in the fire through specialized mantras. Since mantras are revealed by Rishis (Enlightened sages), all mantras carry immense power within them.In this sacred fire ceremony, Sanskrit mantras are chanted to call on various forms of the Divine. This makes the environment completely positive with pure & divine vibrations. This ensures long & healthy life and spiritual well being. Homa is basically offering worship to God & it can be done any day but there are some days that are more favourable to do Homa.  Homa should be performed strictly according to the rules laid down in the Vedic scriptures. Homa can only be done with discipline, devotion & dedication.There are different Homas for different purposes like Ayushya homa to block evil influences, Dhanavantri homa for good health, Gayatri homa for performing good karma or positive thinking, Ganapati homa to overcome obstacles, Sudarshana homa for success etc. We at www.austriaviennapuja.com perform all types of Homa or Homam with full discipline and devotion .You can contact us anytime for Homas or any other Hindu rituals. We are ready to move anywhere and at anytime. If you need hindu pandit in Europe or Hindu Priest in Europe contact us. If you need hindu priest in Switzerland or hindu pandit in Switzerland or hindu priest in England or hindu pandit in England or hindu priest in Russia or hindu pandit in Russia or hindu priest in Belgium just feel free to contact us anytime.Genuine Vedic Rituals Homa/Havan in Vienna or Austria.Our services are based on experience,tradition,integrity and accuracy.Fire is the purest element on this Earth ,nothing can contaminate the fire. Fire purifies whatever it comes in contact with. Homam activates the internal fire by resonance and burns one’s conditioning. Depending on the density of conditioning, it can empower one’s free will, give calmness and clarity, speed up Spiritual progress or even give experience of god.

What is more powerful Japa or Homa?

When a perfectly purified person does Japam one may overcome awareness of the body and other pre-occupations of the mind and reach samadhi. From that point of view, japam is superior for reaching the final goal.However, to purify oneself and prepare oneself for it, one may need different kinds of sadhana for it. Homam as a purification sadhana is far more effective than japam .According to the Atharvaveda (11:7:9) ,Yajurveda Samhita and the Shatapatha Brahmana (12:4:1) homam is believed to reduce pollution and spiritually purify the atmosphere.There are still Buddhists who worship fire. Zoroastrians worshiped fire. Native North American tradition used to dance around the fire and put corn into it .South American Inca tradition worshiped fire also.Greek and Roman civilizations also worshiped fire and made offerings to gods in fire.

Benefits of Homa:

  1. Attainment of Desires(Religious,Economic,Enjoyment,Liberation)
  2. Removal of Bad Karma.
  3. Protection from Black Magic.
  4. Guidance on the Path of righteousness.
  5. Removal of past Sins.
  6. Fulfillment of Spiritual and Material Goals.
  7. Mental and Subtle Purification.
  8. Health improvements.