The word Pūjā (Devanagari: पूजा) comes from Sanskrit, and means reverence, honor, homage, adoration, and worship. According to scholars,one of the earliest mentions of Pūjā is in the Grihya Sutras, which provide rules for domestic rites. These Sutras, dated to be about 500 До нашей эры, use the term Puja to describe the hospitality to honor priests

Puja is worship. A person of different religion call Puja with different names but ultimately Puja is offering God prayers through bhajan, rituals and invocation. Puja purifies the heart & mind and generates positive vibrations. Puja includes various mantra, tantra & yantra which provide healing energy in the environment. There are various categories of Puja like General Puja, Special Puja on special occasions, Festival Puja, Sanskar Puja, Shanti Puja etc. At www.austriaviennapuja.com we perform all types of Puja. We provide our services in whole Austria. If you want to perform Puja anywhere in Austria, just contact us and we will manage everything. We also suggest best day to perform particular type of Puja and provide proper Puja consultation.

Our Pujas and Homams services are effective and executed strictly according to the Vedic Scriptures.Each Puja contains certain blessing for which we strive .Fish can not live without water,honey bee can not live without honey and man can not live without blessing.Everybody needs blessings.Life without blessings result in sufferings.We live or in the past(where we lament and complain) or in the future(where we make big plans) but never in present(where is needed).Puja can help us to rectify past mistakes and ensure good future.future. Puja can minimize or avoid all the bad karma (actions) which is to be fructified in the present moment. Puja gives a brighter and prospective future because it brings blessings which is like a water in the desert.When compared with others on the net we are affordable, we have high quality work and we provide always more then others in terms of quality,price and costumer oriented service.We provide free of cost Video from your complete Puja and Homam .Talking about performing pujas, going through austriaviennapuja.com will allow one to know more about the religious services offered by Sahadev Pandit. Not only are the pujas affordable, but utmost attention is given to the Shastra’s when it comes to execution of rites and rituals. If you are looking for a Hindu pandit in Italy, you have the best option at hand. His knowledge of the Shastra’s has caused him to be recognized as a Hindu wedding and puja expert. The pujas performed are classified into three categories; namely – General, Special Pujas and Special Issues Pujas. The first focuses on Vaishnava and Shiva Pujas, the second is for conceiving children and for the deceased (Aatma Shanti/ Tarpana / Pind) and the likes, while the third group comprises of pujas being conducted for purposes like warding off evil and witchcraft.

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Benefits of the Puja:

1.Disciplines and cleanses the mind.

2.Energizes the worshiper.

3.Enlightens the mind.

4.Purifies and enables one to dive more deeply into spirituality.

5.Fulfill all the material and spiritual desires(one should be careful and specific about desires).