Lakshmi Puja Homa

Lakshmi Puja/Homa

Significance of the Lakshmi Puja

Goddess Lakshmi is the female counterpart of Lord Vishnu, the female energy of the Supreme Being. She is the goddess of prosperity, wealth, purity, generosity, and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm. Lakshmi Puja holds a great significance in the Hindu religion. The goddess of prosperity and wealth, Lakshmi, is worshiped all over the world by the Hindus, especially in India. No doubt wealth is an important component of our life that we need at every step, but Lakshmi worship is not all about getting money. People worship the goddess Lakshmi to become rich in every aspect, regardless it is wealth, knowledge, talent or skills. Thus, it is not only the material gains, but is the complete spiritual well-being that you can gain by worshiping the goddess Lakshmi.

Actually, Lakshmi is connected to the word “Lakshya”, which means the goal. Goddess Lakshmi directs you towards the goal of your life and bestow her divine energy that keeps you encouraged throughout your journey. However, there are mainly eight aspects that are related to Lakshmi energy.

Adi Lakshmi– This aspect joins us to our inner source, which in turn provides the calmness and strength to our mind.
Dhanya Lakshmi– This aspect is related to prosperity in the form of food. It states that if we are taking right and sufficient food at right time, then it will affect our body and mind in the positive way.
Dhana Lakshmi– This aspect is related to the material wealth.
Vidya Lakshmi– As the name depicts, it is the aspect of knowledge and skills.
Santana Lakshmi– This aspect manifests as wealth and prosperity in the form of creativity and progeny. If you are having creative skills, then by doing Lakshmi Puja, you will be blessed with this aspect of Lakshmi.
Dhairya Lakshmi– “Dhairya” is a word of Hindi, which means courage and patience. Being blessed with this aspect means that you will learn to keep patience and courage.
Vijaya Lakshmi– This aspect is related to the victory.
Bhagya Lakshmi– It is the aspect that is related to good luck and prosperity.

Thus, by doing Lakshmi Puja, you will be bestowed with all the aspects.

Lakshmi Puja is done on the occasion of Diwali each year as it has been believed that Goddess Lakshmi manifest her grace to the most cleanest and pious house. On this day, people worship the Goddess Lakshmi and give her invitation to come to their homes. This attempt is made to secure the favors of Goddess Lakshmi for the upcoming year.

Symbolism related to Goddess Lakshmi

  • Elephants pouring water: It is the representation of royal power. The pouring of water indicates that when a devotee makes constant efforts and worship goddess Lakshmi, then he gains spiritual as well as material prosperity.
  • Four hands: The four hands of the Lakshmi represent the four goals of our life- Karma, Dharma, Artha and Moksha.
  • Lotus: The large lotus symbolizes the divine truth, whereas the other small lotuses are for purity, fertility, beauty and spirituality.
  • Coins: Pouring of coins represents the wealth, for which the Goddess Lakshmi is most known.
  • Red Garment: Red color is the symbol of active energy and the gold inflection is the symbol of prosperity.
  • Benefits of Maha Lakshmi Puja :

    1.It helps in removing financial difficulties.
    2.It helps one to earn wealth in abundance.
    3.For improvement in Financials.
    4.It helps to find a good Husband.
    5.Makes person fearless and secure in economic sense.