Maha Rudra Yaga


Maha Rudra Yaga

The great Maha Rudra Yaga

Amongst the four Vedas – Rig, Yajur, Sama and Atharvana , Yajur Veda is very special. In Yajur Veda ‘Shri Rudram ’ is considered the most sacred. The Shri Rudram consists of two parts – “Rudram & Chamakam” each containing eleven ‘Anuvakas’ (inner divisions.)The Yajur Veda thaitriya Samhitai contains seven cantos and Panchatchara Mantra (NA-MA-SI-VA-YA) occupies the prime position in the middle of the 4th Canto.
Shri Rudram chanting and performing homa had an important place in the daily worship of devotees from time immemorial. All our desires are fulfilled by chanting Shri Rudram. Rudram is considered the greatest Universal penance of all the penances.

The Maha Rudra Yaga is performed for a continuously 5 Days :

121 Pandits will chant 11 times the Sri Rudram totaling to 1331 times (121×11=1331) followed by 121 times chamakam (one Anuvakam of chamakam on each round completion of Rudram ). 11 Pandits will perform Dashamsa (1/10 of 1331 =133 times homa with Rudra and chamaka mantras. Because of the huge nature of the japa and homa it is known as Maha Rudra Yaga.

By performing Maharudra Yaga it will bestow us with all benefits and wipe out all our sins.

Total :121 Pandits

Benefits of Performing Maha Rudra Yaga:

2.Earth and treasures on it and inside it.
3.Worldly and non-worldly enjoyments.
4.Happiness in this World and happiness in the other World .
5.Everything spiritual.
6.Everything material.

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