Archana Puja Package for one year


Order Special Yearly Archana Puja Package

Special Puja Package:(in one Year following pujas will be performed for you): 48x Ganesh Puja,48x Navagraha Puja,48x Hanuman Puja,48x Shiva Puja,48x Ram Puja.

This selected package is the most powerful what you can get. Above selected 240 Pujas will be performed in one year only for you.This is a longest lasting remedy which you can afford in this life and that in 1 year.Blessings are innumerable but we will try to mention the most important ones.

Benefits of Yearly Archana:

1. Rapid success.
2. Sudden gains.
3. All Kind of Material Enjoyments.
4. Precious Inner Virtues.
5. Divine Protection.
6. Real Estates.
7. Good Fortune.
8. Elimination of all Obstacles in all aspects of your life.
9. Favor from Authorities,State and related Institutions.
10.Spiritual engulfment and higher state of consciousness.
11.Easy fulfillment of all desires.

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