Remedies for Shanidev


Remedies for Shanidev and his Transit

Special Puja Package Remedy ( in this package following pujas will be performed): Ganesh Puja,Shanidev Sahasranama Puja/Homa plus Til Abishekam,Shiva Sahasranama Puja/Homa with /Til Abishekam.Special Shanidev Daan on Saturday will be performed.

When Shanidev(Saturn) transits the 12th, 1st and 2nd Houses from your Natal Moon, it means that you under the influence of Shanidev Sade Sati. This transit takes about 7.5 years to cross these three Houses. So it is called Sade Sati (seven and a half years).

The traditional Sade Sati translated is 7.5 years in duration.

So many people make Drama for Sade Sati.Actually Sade Sati can be the best period in someones life.We hear people saying Shanidev is bad and very problematic.Shanidev is not guilty for your Karma he is like a Post Man he will deliver your package which you sent in previous life.Also we see people trying to bribe Shanidev with different gifts and offerings just to escape their Karma.The fact is that we can not bribe Shanidev he is not corrupted .He is neutral and a Judge of Karma authorized from Mahadev but he will be very merciful if the person realize something and apply that in own life .

Well Shanidev is here to guide us on the right track and to help us to grow,mature and realize the self and truth. Shanidev is the most merciful Graha and he teach us patience,sacrifice,spirituality, help to others etc. Just look the story of Chakravati Samraj Vikramaditya form Ujjain.He was so strong,rich,learned,victorious and still Shanidev could turn him into a beggar and cripple man.That is what happens when Ego and ignorance comes in front of us and Shanidev. Shanidev can make our life full of spirituality and give us all the material comforts .We should all pray to Shanidev to keep us always on the right track so nothing bad happen to us. Jay Shanideva!