Mangala Gauri Puja


Mangala Gauri Puja

Mangala Gauri Puja is done by unmarried girls for early marriage and getting a suitable life partner.This Vrata(Vow) and Puja is also observed by women for the long life of their husbands and for a happy and prosperous married life.A story is famous about Mangla Gauri fast. According to this story, a landlord named Dharmapal was wealthy and had tons of property to his name. But, he was always worried as he and his wife didn’t have a child. He donated tons of cash and objects and he used to worship the Lord to get a blessings. Dharmapal was finally blessed with a son. But according to his astrologer, his son did not have a long life. Astrologer predicted that his son would die because of a snake bite at the age of sixteen.Dharmapal kept his faith within the Lord and married his son to a gorgeous and obedient girl. This girl’s daughter performed fast to please Godess Mangla Gauri. As a result, the girl was blessed her husband’s long life and Dharmapal’s son lived an extended life.

Benefits of Mangala Gauri Puja:

1.Long life of husband.
2.Happy and prosperous married life.

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