Subramanya Karthikeyan Puja Homa


Subramanya Karthikeyan Puja/Homa

Murugan , Karthikeyan,Skanda,(Subramanya) Puja /Homam:The Atharva Veda describes Kumaran as ‘Agnibhuh’ or son of Agni, the fire god. The Satapatha Brahmana refers to him as the son of Rudra and the ninth form of Agni. The Aranya Parva canto of the Mahabharata relates the legend of Kartikeya Skanda in considerable detail. Subramanya is the epitome of happiness and divine light. Subramanya is the total giver of all aspects (beauty, wealth, authority, wisdom, progeny, vigor and valor) and fulfills all expectations in this materialistic world. Subramanya when worshipped with utmost faith, will answer all your prayers. It is strongly believed that the Subramanya converses with his ardent devotees.

Benefits of Subramanya Puja:

1.Problems related to Mars,authorities.
2.Legal Disputes and inheritance issues.
3.Mangala Dosha or Kuja dosha.
4.Problems related to Brothers.
5.Subramanya Puja blesses with good health and prosperity.
6.Problems related to Real Estates.