Udaka Shanti Puja


Udaka Shanti Puja/Homa

Udaka Shanti Puja is performed for multiple reasons : Before commencing any auspicious acts such as opening business,getting married,Griha Pravesh,Upanayana or similar.

In this Puja our Pandits will chant verses from Yajurveda and will pray for your positive result and divine blessings.

This Puja is also performed to pursue positive results in relation to Family,Career,Business,Society,Spiritual Life,Emotional Life and similar.

This Puja enable us to easily obtain our goal or desire in following areas:

1. Health.
2. Career.
3. Finance.
4. Relationships (family and friends).
5. Spiritual.

This Puja includes Ganesha Puja. After that all the auspicious Mantras from the Yajurveda 1441 lines are recited.At the end Mantra Pushpam is recited from Taittriya Aaranyakam Yajurveda.

Total:5 Pandits
Duration of Puja: Approx 3.5 hours

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