Vishnu Puja Homa

Vishnu Puja/Homa

Narada said – “Bhagavan, Now you tell me, how Vishnu is pleased.” Sanak said – “If you desire Mukti, then worship Vishnu with your full heart and mind. Because who has taken shelter in Vishnu, enemies cannot kill him, planets cannot afflict him, and Raakshas cannot raise their eye at him. One should consider only those feet blessed which go to Vishnu temple to worship Him, or only those hands blessed which always worship Vishnu, or only that tongue blesses which always sings Kirtan of Hari. Therefore you also worship Hari.

Those who want to achieve peace and happiness the worship of lord Vishnu is suggested to them.

Vishnu bestows his devotees with the prosperity, steadfastness, valor, and victory. He is said to be the preserver hence his worship helps in acquiring the fearlessness and gives strength to fight against the evils.

Benefits of Vishnu Puja:

1.Lord Vishnu protects devotee.
2.He gives prosperity, knowledge and devotion.
3.To his devotees he gives a long and happy life.
4.He liberates them from the clutches of Maya(Illusion) and Rebirth.