Vishnu Shalagram Puja Homa


Vishnu Shalagram Puja/Homa

In the Brahma Purana Lord Narayana says, “O Brahma, I eternally reside in the form of Shalagrama-shila. By worshiping Lord Hari in the shalagrama-shilas decorated with cakras, one constantly gains the merit of performing a thousand Rajasuya sacrifices. If a brahmana who is properly initiated and learned in prescribed mantras does the puja of shalagrama-shila, he will attain Lord Hari’s transcendental abode without a doubt.

In Kali-yuga, if a devotee with a surrendered and loving mood offers a bath, flowers, lamps, food, prayers, and kirtana with sweet music for the transcendental pleasure of his shalagrama-shila, he will eternally enjoy sublime spiritual happiness in the association of the Supreme Lord Hari.

Wherever Lord Keshava dwells as shalagrama-shila, all the gods, demons, yaksas, and fourteen bhuvanas (worlds) are also present there. – The area within a radius of twenty-four miles from where a shalagrama-shila is worshiped is counted as a holy place (tirtha). The fruits of japa, charity, sacrifices, or any other religious activities done in that area will be multiplied millions of times. If someone dies within a radius of two miles of a shalagrama-shila, though a lowborn man from a sinful place, he will go straight to Vaikuntha.

Benefits of Vishnu Shalagram Puja:
Merely by worshiping one shalagrama-shila, a person gets the same benefit as seeing or adoring thousands of shiva-lingas.

By worshiping Shri Krishna in a shalagrama-shila, even a sinful person becomes free from the fear of residence in the lowest hell and being reborn as an insect or animal.

Worshiping shalagrama-shila is more satisfying to Lord Narayana than the worship of His Deity form along with Lakshmiji in the temple.